Programs at Legacy Martial Arts


Tiny Turtles

30 Minutes | 4 & 5 years old

A great beginner's Tae Kwon Do class for pre-schoolers and kindergartners. Our objective is to provide a fun-filled and positive learning environment emphasizing listening skills, following directions, focusing, and positive social interaction with classmates and instructors through the teachings of Tae Kwon Do. 

Sunday: In Studio & Virtual

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30 - 45 Minutes | 8 - 12 years old

Our Eagles Program is designed for older students. Focusing on the Tenets of Tae Kwon Do and the 7 Qualities of a Champion, students learn and demonstrate self-discipline, respect, and courtesy towards others, while developing their physical abilities and overall self-confidence.

Sunday: In Studio & Virtual

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30 - 40 Minutes | 13 and up

M: 6:30 PM 

Part of the Teen/Adult Program "Ttam" means to sweat in Korean. Ttam is an exercise class focusing on strengthening and toning, flexibility, and cardiovascular drills.

Virtual Only

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30 Minutes | 5 - 8 years old

A great Tae Kwon Do basics class for elementary school students! They will increase their motor skills and coordination. Most importantly, they will develop good habits such as paying attention, following directions, cooperating with others, respect, and self-control. 

Sunday: In Studio & Virtual

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30 - 45 Minutes | 13 and up

Our Teen/ Adult Program is designed for people wanting to develop a healthy and happy lifestyle. Focusing on improving physical aspects such as strength, flexibility, and coordination. And developing mental aspects such as stress relief, improving focus and concentration, and doing it because martial arts is fun!

In Studio & Virtual

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Parktakes South Run

30 - 45 Minutes | Ages vary

Classes run at South Run Recreation Center. "Little Ninjas" for ages 4- 6 years old. "Tae Kwon Do 1"  for ages 8 - 12. You can register through the Parktakes website. 

Spring Registration Opens in 2022