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Virtual and In-Person Tae Kwon Do Classes Available!

Thank you for your interest in our program! Legacy Martial Arts is a very unique school in where we focus on the individual student! Our weekday classes are strictly virtual and are in a private lesson format! Students warm up prior to signing on to Zoom for Tae Kwon Do classes (15 minute warm up and stretch) and curriculum is focused on during the 20-25 minute duration. Weekend classes are Outdoor and In Studio (Youth Program only). 

1) The FIRST step is to Register and Sign the Online Waiver to try a free mini lesson. We will then contact you to set up a free introductory lesson via Zoom and issue you a one time code and password. Click the button below!

2) Join the private class at the scheduled time. Some recommendations prior to the class:

  1. Choose a quiet room where you can move easily without obstacles

  2. Setup your computer, laptop, or tablet or so you can easily see the screen

  3. Test the equipment on to make sure everything is working

  4. Wear loose comfortable clothing, and place a yogo mat on the floor if on hardwood/ tile

  5. Be sure your device's camera is pointed at you so we can see you. We look forward to meeting you!

3) Afterwards: We hope you enjoyed the class! You now have two options: 


A. If you're still not quite sure...sign up for either the 5 Class or 8 Class Trial!


B. If you are ready to go...Become a Full Time Member!

(Taste of Springfield Guests Can Also Click on Membership Options!)

Classes are approximately 30 minutes long recommended for ages 4 - 8. The Eagles Program (juniors ages 8 - 12) and Teen/Adult can extend to 45 minutes. 

Teen/Adults interested in the Ttam Workout Monday Class (single, 5, 10 class pass):

If you have any questions please reach us by phone or email:


571.402.2632 (text messaging available M-F 9 am - 5 pm) |

Training Tigers

(6-8 years old)

Outdoors Saturdays

11:30 AM

Sundays 11:00 AM or

11:45 AM*

*(In Studio Class)

Teen Adult Program

(13 and up)

Ttam Classes

Saturday Outdoors

Sunday In Studio

Coming Soon! 

Eagles Program

(8-12 years old)

Outdoor Saturdays 

11:30 AM


11:45 AM

*(In Studio Class)

Ttam Workout

(13 and up)

Tuesdays & Thursdays

7:15 pm 

Virtual Only

Tiny Turtles

(4 & 5 years old)

Outdoors Saturdays

11:30 AM

Sundays 11:00 AM*

*(In Studio Class)

Introductory Trials

(All Ages)

Free Introductory Lesson

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