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Master Curiel (Master C)

Jhoon Rhee Kids Karate
Competition Team
Demonstration Team

Master J. Curiel (known to her students as "Master C" ) has over 25 years of martial arts experience. She began her training back in 1993 under Master Chun Rhee, the son of Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee in Annandale, Virginia at the age of 5. Back then, the "Kneehigh Ninja" was in its early stages so Master Curiel participated in the "family class" which was a majority of older students and adults! It was in her training as a young child that Master Curiel learned about focus, concentration, self-discipline, and working hard in order to achieve one's goals. At the young age of 9 Master Curiel earned her first degree Black Belt! 


After an adjustment period to the demands of Honors Classes and other extracurricular programs both in and out of school Master Curiel returned to earn her 2nd Degree Black Belt with Outstanding Marks at 15 years old and her 3rd Degree with Outstanding Marks (again!) at 18 years old. During her freshman year at Fordham University in New York Master Curiel continued to train in Tae Kwon Do. When she returned to finish her Bachelor's Degree at George Mason University she became an Instructor at the Jhoon Rhee Falls Church location and discovered her love of teaching. She continued instructing and later on re-established the Jhoon Rhee Competition and Demonstration Team along with another Instructor. The two teams and Master Curiel competed and placed in top rankings in numerous local, regional, and national tournaments. 

After completing her Bachelor's Degree in 2009 she went on to complete her Master's Degree in 2012 from George Mason University in Arts Management focusing on Non-Profit Organizations. Master Curiel became a Full-Time Instructor at Jhoon Rhee Falls Church in 2013 and became a 4th Degree "Master Instructor" in May of 2014. She continued teaching and also began putting her educational degrees to work reaching out to the Falls Church community. Because of her ongoing presence and relationship with the local elementary, middle, and high schools the Jhoon Rhee Falls Church studio (JRIFC) earned the Virginia School Board's Association Business Award in 2014. Under Master Curiel's leadership, JRIFC also donated over 200 necessary items and gifts for the Salvation Army Angel Tree, contributed grocery and clothing gift cards to HomeStretch, a local non-profit organization supporting Homeless Families, gave over 1,000 children's costumes to Homeless Children Playtime Project in DC, and raised over $10,000 to Saint Jude's Children's Hospital in their biennial Kick-A-Thon. Master Curiel continues to teach, compete, and train.












Master Curiel at age 6,  circa 1993

Some of Master Curiel's tournament achievements include:

2016 Capitol Classics (6A NASKA rated)

2nd Place Korean Traditional Forms 18-29

3rd Place Point Sparring 18-29


2009- 2015 WCMAO World Cup Finals Tournament

1st Place Women Lightweight Point Sparring (2009)

1st Place Women's 18 - 29 Korean Traditional ('10,'12,'16)

Overall Womens World Cup Champion Sparring (2010)

Overall Womens World Cup Champion Forms (2009)


1st Place Women's Traditional Form's WorldGate Challenge

2nd Place Women's Point Sparring WorldGate Challenge

1st Place Women's Sparring Positive Impact Tournament

2nd Place Overall Traditional Forms 

Top 5 Women's Korean Traditional Battle of Atlanta


Top 5 Women's Korean Traditional U.S. OPEN

(NASKA 6A Tournament Featured on ESPN)


4th Place Women's SL Point Sparring Capitol Classics 

5th Place Women's Korean Traditional Capitol Classics 


3rd Place Point Sparring Capitol Classics

(6A NASKA rated)

2005-2009 Super Challenge Tournament 

1st Place Overall Women's 18-29 in:

Point Sparring

Traditional Forms

Musical Forms

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